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Welcome to dpagames, an all-round site for all category of popular online video games.

The gaming industry is growing in leaps and bounds every day, not just in terms of revenue but also in terms of the number of games. There are so many types and categories of games available in the market that anyone, whether he is a pro or new to the gaming industry, will tend to be confused. However, dpagames is an endeavor to simplify your confusions in the world full of confusions. Dpagames lists out the best popular online video games in all possible categories to make your job of choosing easier.

Latest Gaming News

  1. Team rocket and shadow pokemon can be played live on pokemon go now onwards.
  2. The best pc games of the year 2018 are soon expected to be played in the Play station 4 and Xbox.
  3. PUBG Remaster updated its final map and it is now on the website
  4. The new revision of the Nintendo Switch has already been announced, it is now expected to have a longer battery life than before.
  5. Massive changes made in the overwatch new series. Role queues have been changed completely.
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History of the Gaming Consoles

The history of the home video gaming consoles is not so dated and only dates back to 1967 when the bulky wooden “brown box” started being used as a prototype of gaming consoles. The inventor of this brown box, Ralph H. Baer was known to be the father of video games. in 1972, the same brown box came with a Magnavox technology that became the first home video game console. Between 1975 to 1977, a series of Magnavox gaming consoles were introduced in the market which kept getting better.

Popular Online Video Games You Must Try

There are thousands of popular online video games that you can try out from various online casino sites. These, of course, include the classic casino games like blackjack games, online poker, and slot games. the casino games like blackjack games, online poker, and slot games along with other popular online video games are extremely popular and they can be played for free as well as with real money in the legal online casinos. The players who want to play them for real money can use the casino bonus that is offered by most of the legal online casinos. The casino bonus is in the form of no deposit and a welcome bonus that most of the online casinos offer to the first time players who sign up with them.

Positive Effects of Gaming

Researches and studies have proved that gaming has many positive effects on the developing brains of a child as well as adults. For ex:

  1. Gaming can enhance the problem-solving functions of the brains by the techniques of overcoming obstacles or passing through the hurdles to reach from point x to point y.
  2. It sharpens the hand-eye coordination in the gamers by making them aim perfectly to shoot down the enemies in a game.
  3. The games like world of wars that deals with different worlds and various superficial characters enhance the critical thinking capacities in the gamers
  4. The movements of the fingers in coordinating the hands and the eyes constantly develops and speeds the motor skills in the individuals
  5. Quick decisions need to be made in order to win and perform better in the games like Minecraft etc, therefore it also helps in developing the decision-making skills of the individuals.
  6. The massively multiplayer roleplaying games help the children socialize with people above their own peer group and make them more of a social being despite dwelling in an isolated world of gaming
  7. The multiplayer games develop a sense of teamwork and leadership in the children or anybody playing it. when an individual commits a mistake, the whole team has to suffer.
  8. Perhaps the best thing that gaming can do to the brain is increased concentration enormously which is the strongest tool for human development.
  9. They also help children in developing the capabilities to set realistic goals that help them in real life too.
  10. Video games can help a big deal to unburden the stress, anxiety, and depression in children.

Fun DPA Games for

Kids to Play

The best kids friendly dpa games to play are:

  1. Rob the nest: in this game, you have to put as many basketballs as possible in the four hoops in a large square.
  2. Icebergs: every player has to find his own way through the iceberg mats and hoops spread all over the paying area.
  3. Silly bananas: two kids play monkeys and the others have to play safe from being touched by the monkeys otherwise they get turned into bananas.