Are you familiar with numbers? Yes?! Not just numbers, but Funny Numbers? The goal of the game is to remove all the Funny numbers from the playing field.
The game has two modes: BALANCE and SPEED. In the game BALANCE You need to erase all numbers equal to the Range. And in the game SPEED You need to clear the Board for 1 minute from all the numbers. In the game you will find Funny Bonuses: CELL-BOMB, DARK CELL, MULTIPLICATION CELL. Downloading Funny numbers, you really know what it is. Nice graphics and simple gameplay will surprise you.
The game can serve as an excellent digital simulator for both adults and young children.

Feature of game :
20 levels
2 game modes
3 ” fun ” bonus
7 scenic backgrounds
table of the best players
speed change
learning mode
tons of numbers
Additional information

System requirements: PII-500 / 64MB RAM / 8Mb Video , Windows98/Me/2000/XP, DirectX 7.0
Unregistered game limitations: term of use, number of launches, game time
Language: Russian